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Discount On Our Wedding and Themed Cakes

Indulge In The Taste

All cakes by Bexalicious Bakes, are made with the finest ingredients, and I take great pride in every last detail. I have every confidence, that my cakes will delight you and your guests not only in the look and design but more importantly, how the cake tastes.

Wedding Cakes

3 Teir Naked Cake. (10″,8″,6″) with Flowers or Fruit to match


Dairy Free

I can cater for Dairy Free* cakes, Please enquire when booking.

Baked Fresh

All my cakes, bakes and cupcakes are baked fresh and to order. There is a minimum notice required. Please see t&c

Gluten Free

Most of my cakes and bakes have a Gluten Free* option.

Delivery or

Themed Cakes

6 inch Bespoke themed cake with 12 matching cupcakes.



Please note that our cakes may contain the following allergens:

Gluten: Our cakes are made with wheat flour, which contains gluten.

Dairy: We use butter in our cake recipes.

Eggs: Most of our cakes contain eggs as a key ingredient.

Nuts: Some of our cakes may contain nuts or traces of nuts due to shared equipment.

Soy: Soy lecithin is commonly found in chocolate coatings and may be in some of our cake decorations.

Other Allergens: *Please note that due to the cakes being handled in a domestic kitchen, there is a risk of cross-contamination, therefore I cannot guarantee they are 100% allergen-free.